God is shifting things in your favor

Mtt 8 vs 6,7
God is shifting things in your favor
There was an heavy rain for days and weeks, this was too long to the extent that there was no food. They faced a lot of challenges and some even complained that, it was better we were not in the ark. Noah did not open the window, but according to the bible, Noah was given a spec or ways of building the ark. He was instructed to put a window, but he did not know what to do with the window. He waited until God spoke to him about the window from God.

God spoke to Noah, and instructed him to open the window, likewise Noah respected and opened the window according to God’s instruction.
In our life it is not always that we should open windows in our life, rather we should wait until God gives us the instruction to do so. God remembered Noah, God head their cry, and God remembered them and told Noah to open the window. God is shifting your life and God is at work, God has remembered you. There is a new level that God is placing us.

When God remembered Noah, He did not remember Noah only, but also his family and all the animals in the Ark. When God remembers you, the blessing will overflow and even to your family the showers of blessings will come down, as while every area surrounding your life.

After 40 days of rain, there was a lot of water that surrounded the earth, which meant that there was another time that was going to take place for the land to be dry.  There was no food in the Ark, when the tears of the family in the ark was head by God. The water moved from the land to the Pacific Ocean, seas and other places.

The same in your life, for so many years you have been living a life in poverty, debt spirit and failure. Things in your life being moved and shifted to another place. When God is at work, He shift everything in your favor. There will be no more tears in your life, whatever the devil has taken from you, God is now restoring and He is in control.

When God speak, all the things will happen in your favor. In the case of Joseph, the King was supposed to dream in order for Joseph to be taken out from jail to be promoted to another position. When God is at work.  He takes all the things that are looked down upon, and He uplift you to another place. When the time comes, when the rain and the storm is over and the window is open, you will receive the blessings. Sometimes it does not need you to have a qualification but it only need favor and the Grace from God.
Joseph was in prison for so many years being disregarded but when the king had a dream it pushed and redirected Joseph to become a great leader in his nation.

May you receive the same favor in Jesus mighty name.

It must locate you right now in your life.

A new position was created in favor of Joshua, for the first time there was a position of being a governor of food. I know they have said there is no work, no post to upgrade you but my God will create something new in your favor to take you from one level to another. The favor that you do not deserve because the favor is on you.
It is hard and painful when a person cry but he is not in the ark, it will not work. The bible says God remembers His people, only those that are in the ark, and those who are in God’s presence. When you are in the Ark, it is when you became close to God by worshipping only God and not any other gods.

They will receive the undeserved favor. The favor that shift things, the favor and Grace is upon you, take it, receive it, it is there now. It does not matter how old or what has happened before in your life, family or anything. When the favor comes down it shift you to another level. Whatever the people has said, the doctors and all the specialists have said a lot about your situation but today is today. There is another power that will change the report in your life right now. Wherever is blocking the way for you to receive, it has no power, there is an undeserved favor that is coming to your life.

May you receive it.

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