Luke 15 vs 17
There is a time when the boy had no need for the Wealth, he had everything that he wanted. As he was growing he then asked His father for his wealth and inheritance. He did not wait to be mentored on how to take care of his inheritance from the father.

He moved away from his family, brothers and his home. The bible says he meet people who became close to him, not because they love him but because they only wanted to benefit from his inheritance. With time the Inheritance got finished and he had nothing to spend or use. He looked for a Job but things did not go well, he tried it all but it did not work. In life there is a covering that God provide us, sometimes we move away from his covering, thinking that we can make it without the covering but instead it is hard.
After spending all the time, moving to places many places looking for solution, but he remained poor and he continue to suffer.

The bible says he then realized that he was not born poor and he does not belong to the kingdom of problems and challenges but of wealth and success. The prodigal son remembered home, he remembered his father’s workers. He realized that there is everything, and there is no suffering, whether you are a worker, son or daughter you will not suffer, you won’t be poor, and you won’t be hungry.

The prodigal realized in his father’s house there is everything, they is blessings. They are people who keep you away from the right position, situations disposition you from the right position, friends and group of people place in your life also remove you from your position.

You are not born poor, suffering and having challenges, rise up in to your position. It does not matter how many years, what has happened in the past, what they have said, what you have done, all to those is the past, it is now history.

Now Rise up and take your position, do not allow problems and your history to hold you back, rise up. You are the sons and daughters of God, of the most high, there is no suffering. In the house of God, there is all you need, God prepares food on tables in front of your enemies and challenges. In the kingdom there are responsibility, a father who knows what you want, how it will be and how your life will be. Rise up into your position.

Today is your day, no more suffering, fear, problems, sickness, failure, stagnation, poverty. I know situations and challenges change you, but don’t allow it, do not move but rise up into your position, come to your senses and remember in God’s hands, in the presences of God there is no suffering. God does not judge you or judge your past but he will be excited to see you coming back, he will take care of you, no matter what the past have done to you, God will restore all things. God will place you to the right position. In the bible it talks about Johana, the bible says he had changed his trip, changed his position, God took him to the right position, God provided the right transport and toke him to the right position.



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