You are nothing without a Father

There is a challenge, people come to church or go to church because of wrong reasons. We go to church to praise God, to give our life to Him. Our responsibility in this earth is to worship Him. People now want things, tangible things instead of looking for Gods presences. If you move away from God’s presences you will became nothing with that tangible blessing that God has blessed you with.

People cry and complain too much, that I have been praying but things are not happening. This is because you have left God’s presences. Our Father is the source of all our solution, the moment we move away, we lose protection and the covering, blessings, and His presence as well. All that you have will end if father our in heaven is not there, even if you call yourself beautiful, it is nothing without Him. You are nothing without a father.

Let me tell you this, you might receive your blessings, but you need to be in the fathers hands and stay there. Do not disconnect yourself, all the riches of the world will end but God will remain as God, He will never change, if you do not disconnect yourself to God you will be bigger than anything.

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