Submission Sermon by Prophet S.Sibisi

Bible readings: exodus 2 vs 16 | 3vs1| 2 vs 25 / 1 King 19 vs 15 / 2 Kings 5 vs 25 / 2 Kings 6 vs 6
Sermon title: Submission
Prophet S.Sibisi

They are people who are blessed because of submission.
Do understand Submission?

What is serving?
Moses grow up in Egypt, the bible says he runaway from Egypt. His escape was after he had killed an Egyptian and the Pharaoh wanted to kill Him as well. He did not run away because of the hardships but for his security.

Moses fled from Egypt to Midan, and he lived there were he set by the well, and he assisted Jethro daughter who came to draw water from the well to carry water to the flocks.

When Moses help them Jethro daughter he received an invitation to their house and stayed in Midan,.he then married one of Jethro daughters and she conceived a son for him.

Moses encounter with Jethro,

Moses was anger with the Egyptians because of the way they treated his people the Israelites and Jetro listened to him. When Jethro discovered Moses calling, that is when he thought and mentored him about God, and the war of the Spiritual battles and not of human powers. And also the tools of war he needed to overcome the enemy.

In other words the challenges that the Israelites faced were not physical, but spiritual. In able win the war you need to understand that it is not physical but it a spiritual warfare. This spiritual warfare it is not for you but it is for God.

For Moses to submit, it required him to look at Jetro, and understand who he was and then submitted to Him as a spiritual father. When he was submitting, remember in Egypt he was in the Kingship position, he was at a higher table. Jetro assigned him to be a sharpened.

Immediately his life plans and agenda needed to change, that is why evangelists, pastors are moving up and down looking for power in the wrong places causing confusion in their lives. The challenges that we are having today is that no one wants to submit. When submitting the majority will ask for payment, by serving God you will receive marcy, favor and grace Submission

The calling of Elisha.
Elisha was farming the time Elijah visited him, the bible says Elijah dropped his garment, and Elisha went running to him and hold the garment. Before following he asked to give a farewell to the parents and confirm to them that their agenda is over and assure that he was now following Elijah.

Submission did not mean he wanted something, he had everything, but once he saw Elijah, he dropped all he was doing and honored and followed him. He knew that the covering of Elijah will cover his family, his inheritance and all his life. When you summit it does not mean your things will die, but it means there is a covering on all your things. When Elisha and Elijah there was no fame of reasons, or love, but by the instruction from God. This is the challenge that is happening, most people are serving because fame, the moment the mentor is attacked by being criticized, because of submitting for wrong reasons.

You will run away. When you are submitting it is different from a biological father but it is spiritual welfare. If it is a person who is submitting to their spiritual father, you do not request, nor instruct what you want your mentor to do to you. When submitting, Elisha was following the spirit of God in Him not the physical part the people saw. Elijah did not want people to be close to him because Prophets have secret. Submission says even if life is hard, or things are not working, you serve God. When a servant of God speaks it doesn’t matter what he instruct you, but as a submission son or daughter you do it without

The bible talks about Isiah’s Submission to God. Whatever God instructed Him to do he would do it. It happened one day, he was necked, after bathing, God spoke to Him and assigned him a mission. He did not wait to ask God to wear his cloths, but he did what God had tasked him to do.

In life when you submit, you die physically and you are risen in spirit, you only follow the instruction of what your mentor or spiritual father says because it is coming from God. There is a challenge that we are now facing is that sons and daughters, and other people who submit to the servant of God, Prophet of God, they question their mentors too much and always have reasons when instructed to do something.

I submit to Prophet Doctor W.Magaya, Whatever I do, before I do it I consult him. Sometimes we send emails, messages to Him, it does not require him to reply but because of the favor and grace upon him, all things work perfect.

1. You need to be honest to the person you are serving and to the things you will be serving, keeping in mind that you are commanded or instructed by the mentor.
2. When you submit you dedicate yourself and your agenda goes away because of the person you are serving.

3. You now follow the agenda of your mentor is providing you with. There are people who receive big things only because they submit.

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