In His Presence part2

In His Presence part2
Luke 15:11-32
The bible talks about the Prodigal Son asked for his share of his estate, his inheritance that was for Him. He did not wait for the time to be given, but he demanded it and he was granted by the Father. After receiving the inheritance, he decided to move out from the house of his Father and go to the world. By that time he was the richest and was called by many names. If it is in our days, it might be that he was going to be called a blesser. Everything was going well for Him, but not for long.

The inheritance came to a time that it ended. The prodigal son started to face rejection from friends he used to spend time with. The moment they find out that he no longer has money the people started ignoring him and the people left him. In life, there are people around us that are only present when you have something when everything is going well. The moment you have nothing they run away and abandon you.

The prodigal son tried to look for jobs, solutions but it was too hard for him. He came to his senses and remembered the place where he came from. He remembers his father’s House. Inside him, he asked himself how many people work for his father, and they do not suffer. He decided to go back. In his mind he thought, when there is his father there is no tears, hanger, challenges, sickness, failure, there is a room, a place to sleep. He thought once he gets to the father all things are possible and are in order.

Let me talk to you, I know the doctors have said a lot about you, they even wrote something about your situation, that is impossible for you to be free from that sickness. I do not know what you do not have that you want God to bless you with, is it a car, a house, a family whatever the devil had stolen. Today run to the house of your father, run to God today. Once there is God all is well. When you are in His Presence, all things are possible.

The prodigal son, coming to the house of his father, the father saw him first. The father welcomes him with a special garment. Let me tell you this when you come to Father, he will restore all the lost things and take you to your right position. Once God is there, God brings all the lost, and all things respond

The bible talks about Lazarus, once there was the presence of Jesus, Lazarus received his life back. The moment God is there when he is there, there is restoration, no sickness, no failure, there is multiplication

When God is there all challenges, problems and sickness vanish and a new life images. I do not know the situation in your life, just stay in His presence, once you re in that presence all is done, for he is a loving God, forgiving God. God does not look at your history or read all the past of your things, the moment you come to him he forgets and forgive you, he makes you knew again. The prodigal son coming back to his father, the father did not ask him about the inheritance, but he welcomes him and removed the old garment to a new garment.

God wants to give you a new garment today, taking off the old garment of failure, stagnation, unemployment, poverty, and God gives you the garment of possibilities, multiplication.
Once you wear the new garment, the devil is in trouble. The devil does not want you to Go back to God, he does not want you to wear the garment, the presence of God. Let’s go to God, go back to Father.

Confession is important, confession to Father, to God. The moment the man went back to father, he humbles himself and confesses. He was given a new garment and at that same time hunger automatically moves away. The moment you come to Father, God will know what is missing in your life, if there is no car the father navigate and provide.
I do not know what is it that you are facing, but what I know is in His presents nothing is impossible.

When Lazarus was announced dead, there was a challenge. His inheritance was taken, some of her belongings were taken from him. The moment Lazarus work up he wanted his things back, all that was taken from him was restored back to him. Whatever that was taken from you, I do not know what it is but God is about to restore it back to you. All things are restored, once God comes to your life. There is no need to cry, try with your own power, it will not work but if you allow God to come into your life and take care of your situation, God will restore.
Give God all to him, for when God is present, he is a magnet, all things come to Him, wants you are in His presence you receive all the heart desires.

Father than you
All things are restored to us
You are the king of Kings, we praise you
There is no one like you, I thank you

By Prophet S Sibisi
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