In His Presents Part 1

The woman with a hemorrhage ( subject to bleeding blood) for twelve years, head about the coming of Jesus, in his heart and faith He believed that he will be healed. For many years she has been seafaring, she could not even have time with the other friends and family due to her condition. She even spent a lot of money trying to solve the situation and even mate many physicians.
When she head about Jesus coming, she knew and had so much faith that her challenge will end. The moment she gets torched the garment she immediately received her healing. This is because of her FAITH and the fact that she was in the PRESENCE OF GOD.

When we are at Jesus presence,
in God’s presence, there is nothing that is impossible, only your faith is needed and the testimony follows. The woman realizing the power of Jesus, with her knees she moved close to Jesus, in her heart and mind she had the belief that she wanted the grace to be upon her in His presence.
Many people that day, wanted to talk to Jesus, others torched Him but nothing changed due to the lack of faith. The woman was tired of her situation, she had no time for any other things, but to stay in HIS PRESENCE and receive her heart desires. She touched the Garment of Jesus with faith and she received her healing.

When you are in His presence there is nothing that is impossible with God. God will make what is impossible to be possible. Today is your day, stay in HIS PRESENCE and all that is challenging you, giving you challenges with faith you will not see that situation again.

Prophet S.Sibisi


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