Cast your net deeper

Read this, I see your life changing after reading this.
Luke 5:4 The bible talks about the miracle that happened to Peter (Simon). The bible talks about Jesus teaching people in Peters boat. After speaking to them, he told Peter to cast his nets deeper into the water. When Peter heard this, he replied to Him and told Him that they have been trying the whole night and day to fish, but there find nothing. Peter told him that he will do it because its the word of Jesus. When they had done so, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to tear.

I do not know how long have you been in that situation, I do not know how many times you have tried, but things not working out. I do not care how long it has been, what you have tried to archive your goal. Today is today, cast your nets deeper today.

This is your moment today, this is your hour today, I know you have been trying it all but today God will come down to change that situation to bless someone, this is your time, no matter how hard it is. This is your time to receive your heart desires.

Your life will never be the same, today I’m here just for you to testify, you have tried it all but there is no movement. Things are not changing allow me today to speak to you, your life will never be the same. When you see others testifying, thanking God for what he has done for them today it’s your time to testify, time to thank the Lord for God is about to change your life.

I want you to join me in prayer, my readers, followers, I do not know where you are reading this, be it from your phone, paper or laptop, today I speak the power and the anointing of God to be with you right now. Distance is nothing to God, it’s not a barrier to your testimony.

Prayer session

* Pray right now, take all that you have lost by force, Pray for restoration
* Take whatever that is in your heart that you want God to do for you, pray like it’s your first time. For many years you have been trying on your own, but now God is there to take over all your burdens
* Be angry of the situation you are in, that situation even if It is poverty, stagnation, failure, sickness, whatever it is, tell it today that enough is enough.
* That addiction in your body, troubling your life, pray right now, command it right now in Jesus mighty name to Go out in Jesus mighty name.

Pray differently today. even If it means you need to run, run if it means you need to roll on the flow do it. Pray to your God today, don’t do an ordinary prayer, the war that we are fighting with the devil needs people who are angry. Pray Pray.

I am praying for you.

Receive your heart desires in Jesus mighty name

(After you pray, comment AMEN bellow.)

I am waiting for your testimony, send your testimony, I know God is working in your life right now!!!!


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